Repair Earth Projects (REP) was started in April 2016 and mobilizes communities to curb environmental degradation through tree planting.

Our mission is to raise tree seedlings and to plant and protect them in partnership with local communities.

As a Permaculture project, no herbicides or insecticides or artificial fertilisers are used. This is per Certified Organic criteria and standards.

No genetically modified seeds (GMO) are used. The emphasis is on using heritage seeds and food plant varieties where possible. Hybrids may also be used.

We also protect endangered species and ensure that living tree stumps, tree roots and seeds are re-vegetated.

Our idea is to champion environmental conservation; afforestation in rural communities; protection of wetlands; sustainable permaculture principles.

In view of the global threat of climate change, grassroots narratives such as us are not only indispensable but handy in ensuring the massive participation of ordinary grassroots people in the conservation of their environment.

We aim to mobilize every citizen of the world to be a soldier in the fight against environmental degradation and damage.

Arizona Tesla Science Foundation will assist REP with technology and Education

Rob Meyer

They are trying to repair the earth after years of cleprocracy and neglect, it’s admirable.

Olaf van Kooten